FEDERAL sofá / limited edition


With its monolithic form, this piece draws inspiration from the language of art deco facades, which were popular in small cities and even rural settings in the Argentina of the thirties and forties. The couch brings together rigid, geometric elements and details that partake of Creole handicrafts.

A three-seater made of Brazilian ipé wood. Though the production process is semi-industrial, artisanal carpenters from Rosario, Santa Fe province. The upholstery fabric is woven on a Criollo loom. The couch’s tied rim is made of handsewn sheep wool in a chessboard pattern of off-white and black. The horizontal loom produces knots at intervals to yield the pattern. The knots are then hand dyed in Belén, Catamarca province. The black boreal granite used in the base supports is from the foothills of Córdoba province. The processing of the granite with CNC cutter and its final brushing are performed in Buenos Aires.

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    Photo Credit, MOHADED STUDIO