PRETAL mate / unique piece


"Silverwork was first produced in the Río de la Plata when precious metals started arriving in the port of Buenos Aires from the high regions of Peru, setting off a syncretism of Indigenous techniques and the European legacy. In this mate gourd, I combine the organic shape of the squash with the tradition technique known as chapeo. I make use of ensembles of silver cloths found in Creole saddles—symbols of the pride and prestige of men from the countryside. I named the work after the pretal, an ornate breastplate often decorated with links and ties. The use of those elements in a free interpretation of a traditional Argentine object is an attempt to represent the gaucho spirit."

Three gourds joined by embossed silver pieces and 925-link chains. Handcrafted in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca.

Made by the silversmith Pablo Falabella.

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    Photo Credit, MOHADED STUDIO