OBJETOS EMBIORNARIOS / unique art work


  • Solo show in Praxis Gallery, Curator, Arq. Martín Zanotti

The piece 'embrionaria' changes constantly, it's open to change and the materialization of this change is what provides information, and generates reflection to continue the evolution process. A synthesis of this dialogue between the maker, the material, the shape as language, and the material’s essence as a dominant element is exposed here. 

Looking at the creative factor as an engine to any design process, the liberation of roads or pre-established endpoints becomes essential in exploring material about a wide terrain.What’s not explored isn't found, going through untraveled roads is necessary, decontextualising the material, avoiding the reproductive thinking that typecast solutions so that more creative thinking takes place, productive and deconstructed from where the material can discover itself.

“Embryo is what constitutes the origin of a thing before its creation or construction. What`s in its initial phase and does not yet have the characteristics that will define it” A sample in embryonic state is not constituted and can’t be named. It implies the existence of two parts, the material and its identity or genetic essence and the maker with its will and concerns. In the process where both parts interact, a sample in primitive state is extracted. The embryonic object can identify as an ‘anti-object’ as an exercise that fights against the objectification of something, that avoids all symbolic reference to the real world and our cultural habitat. In his own words, the architect Kengo Kuma says “no skill or particular effort is needed to transform something into an object. Avoiding that something is transformed into an object is a much more difficult task”  

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    Photo Credit, FABIAN MORASSUT