TWIST #2  chair / limited edition


More than a simple quote of an older chair, this chair is a symbol. It is a link between two generations of designers, a sign of mutual respect. The chair is a rewriting exercise of Cristian Mohaded, Argentine designer, living in Buenos Aires. Based on the Twist chair, created by Ricardo Blanco in the end of the nineties, this limited edition will be available only at the Malba store in Buenos Aires and Gallery S. Bensimon, in Paris, the two places having decided to collaborate on that particular project.

This is the symbol of a recognized designer, Ricardo Blanco, founder of the design section at the University of Buenos Aires, who decided formerly to pass on the baton to a younger one: Cristian Mohaded. Actually, Ricardo Blanco created more than 100 chairs in the last decades, and for Cristian Mohaded the decision to re-write this iconic chair is also homage to the master.
Highly recognizable by its flat and large seat that seems to cut the two verticals designed by its back and its legs, the new Twist Chair keeps the same dimensions as its elder one. At the same time the seat seems to disappear like a line of horizon. Quality materials have been used for this edition, thick coated steel and oak wood. The back has been sculpted in one piece by a company in north of France.

Silla Twist #2* enters the prestigious permanent collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, opening a perspective for the Argentine Design. During the D'Days 2014 (Designer's Days) in Paris, the chair has been chosen by the Director of the Museums, Beatrice Salmon, approved by the curator for the 20th century and contemporary design, Dominique Forest, and validated by the museum's committee. The piece was noticed among numerous projects exhibited during the design festival for its representative value of the Argentine Design, of knowledge and transmission between generations demonstrated by the co-working between the two designers.

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    Photo Credit, MOHADED STUDIO