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Simbol, is a plant fiber which grows in the argentine province of Catamarca, usually on the river banks ; in the Valles Calchaquies area and the Quilmes ruins (close to TUCUMAN) or in Tolomoye ; during all year long, but mostly in autumn and winter because it needs to be cut at the right moment.
This material, from its simplicity and territorial humility, can be transformed ; as you start weaving the fibers, it's gaining strength, creating a flexible weft with some kind of poesy in its path and it suddenly stops being just a simple material. Moving with rhythm in the space, creating surfaces which seem like growing from the weaver's hands, becoming an object. It's probably the way that the creator of this technique, Dionisio Chuschuy, was feeling.

Understanding the material from its origin, its soul, its behavior, its elasticity, its color, started the Simbol collection : a research made by the designer Cristian Mohaded, which led to a series of objects made out of this technique. This first collection of objects (lamps, tables, seats and containers) in collaboration with the brand Voila, highlights the simplicity and honesty of the material. Linked with other different materials, like cold and smooth metal in opposition with the roughness of this natural material.

*The collection is born from the investigation of the simbol material and the search for a technical revaluation of the basket-making technique in non-conventional applications of the material. The project beign called Simbol. 


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    Photo Credit, Amparo Bernabé