MONTE ABIERTO  installation


Monte Abierto, the project for the Argentinian Pavilion at the 2021 London Design Biennale, curated by Franca López Barbera. In this installation Mohaded examines the resonance of design through his relationship with the artisan Lorenzo Reyes and the Simbol, a plant that grows in the Calchaquí Valleys in Catamarca, a province in the northwest of Argentina, from which they both come from. 

For almost a decade, Cristián and Lorenzo maintain a collaborative and experimental practice built upon an ongoing process of making agreements, of forming a common language, and of pacts of respect between them, the Simbol, and the Monte (the bush). Monte Abierto is the disclosure of a world in which the generation of things happens through the reciprocal and embodied relationship between people, materials, and nature.

Between rivers and mountains, shrubs grow wild on the Monte forming scattered islands of dense coloured clumps; a desert-like landscape of warm rusty sunsets that Lorenzo visits every three months. “Let’s go to the material,” he says, and from this encounter with the Simbol, relationships begin to be woven.

Monte Abierto is the bringing forward of Cristián and Lorenzo’s shared territory and an invitation to their conversation as landscape — a world made through dialogue and a dialogue made world.