PETALOS  collection


The ‘rodocrosita’, is a national stone that enriches us through the color and shine, for its value, majestic character, its poetry and legends. Through the collection of rugs that we call PETALOS, as a metaphor of a roses’ petals, we give the stone a new signifying entity: petals as elements of nature and romanticism, denoting softness and fragility.

The meeting point between persian technique that rescues an ancient textile, cultural heritage, and the beauty of nature itself, creates this new collection, which seeks to make visible, from a contemporary perspective, the possibility of emphasizing the characteristic features of the technique through the details in its plot and the richness of its color.

Each stone is a new discovery. In its interior we always find a moment, crystalized through nature that never ceases to amaze us for its colors, textures and shapes. The collection presents and exposes what’s been discovered, symbolizing the cuts from different stones that, together, create waves of colors intersecting and merging, composing the illusion as if one was walking over a bed of rose petals.

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    Photo Credit, MANUEL MAZZARO